Our campervan



Funghetto is a 4×4 Volkswagen Caravelle GL syncro, running with a rear mounted 2.1cc petrol engine (95CV with ECU and injectors , liquid cooled also known as wasserboxer or WBX) – manufactured in Germany in 1990.

I bought him in 2008 with 124.000 km (maybe…?), in 2018 he’s almost 260.000 kilometers old.

The LPG conversion has been made straight after been bought. He runs off 2 x 28 liters tanks mounted underbody.

He has been officially transformed in a camper van from his old owner, but I personally did the fittings for the genuine early version of the Westfalia Joker interior.


It has a 2 points gas-cooker, a gas-heater, a sink, 1 double bed, an external shower, a pop-up roof and a lot of other tools and accessories!

The mushroom shaped pop-up roof has just been fitted with new canvas and wood panels, and it gives the name to the van: “funghetto” means “tiny mushroom” in italian.

tea time in Tata, Maroc

On this blog I’ll post some tips about the vw camper lifestyle and our trips with him, some trekking adventures and other things that we love.

last shot in Mama Africa, now to the ferry

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Transporter pictures album

Some from the camp spots:


Some from the roadside:





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