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I found this app and I think is very useful.

It helps you find your a cool spot for the night!

You can get the GPS position of a great spot that someone else want shared.

Website is useful and the community is big already!

I use it on Android.

Keep it real!


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Balkans trip – august 2013

We went for a road trip through some balkan states in the summer of 2013, amazing experience and breathtaking views.
I post here some pictures and info about our journey, leaving from Italy and passing through Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia i Herzegovina and Montenegro. Because I was touring with a live music and video show we had to stop by Austria and Germany on the way home.
In Germany the syncro broken down so we arrived home two days late with a rented car. What a pain! Anyway we really enjoyed the nearly 20 days away leaving in a few square meters!

Here is the Kotor Bay, the first must-stop sightseeing point in Montenegro, arriving from Croatia. If you click on the picture you can see the full gallery.


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