Morocco overland 2015/2016

We decided to have a break for the winter and that it had to be a warm one. Nothing better than overland in our VW in the sunny Morocco!


Route to Amtoudi, Anti Atlas

HOW TO: We took the ferry from Genova to Tangier Med port, it is the GNV route that stops in Barcelona for few hours. The way out takes 2 nights, leaving at around 8PM (Italian time) and arriving in Tangier Med after almost 48 hours. The way back home is longer, leaving at 11PM (Maroccan time) and arriving in Genova at 7AM (local time), after 3 nights. The return trip is longer because you have to wait for the police to open the custom and gates, because you could arrive during the night in Genova but everything is shut. Anyway the ferry is comfortable, with self service and à la carte restaurants, shops, cinema and bars (there is also a Casino and a swimming pool but those were shut during both our trips). You obviously book a 4 bunks cabin and if you travel in 2 persons you have all the room you need. There is a bathroom with sink, toilet and hot shower. Toilet paper and towels are provided from the ferry.


Ferry: when you buy the ferry ticket, buy the vehicle and the person insurances, and the meal tickets would be a nice idea too. They are reasonably cheap if bought in advance (but really expensive if bought directly on the ferry), the food isn’t amazing but the other option that you have is canned food. There is no fridge and no cooking facilities of any kind on the boat. You have to provide for yourself and there is no way you will go back in the garages to your vehicle. Anyway big cue at the self service facilities at opening time!

Mobile phone: we got a Maroc Telecom card for 60DH or so, we choose the “data-only” type of card (SIM). If you try to buy one of them at a road side shop it can be tricky becayse the people normally don’t use this type of card for mobile phones so they doesn’t get your point to have a SIM without the call service, but this is, for me, the best solution as you can get the 3G connection on the phone so you can use all of your favourite on-line messaging service (whatsapp, iMessage, FB messenger) or call services (Skype, Facetime…) and obviously all the other online services that you need. You are anyway able to send messages to the card provider to recharge and to know which is your amount of traffic being used and left to use. We spent 20DH each week for a 1GB data weekly plan. And about 3 euros total recharging Skype for calling home.

Custom / passenger control: I suggest you to read this article by Chris Scott that goes really into the thing…

obviously you can read some more institutional informations about Visas and so on some government websites: UK – IT.


For any other informations I suggest you to remember to read from these sites:

  • Sahara-Overland, Chris Scott’s website with a lot of informations about traveling in Africa and some preview of his books.
  • Horizons Unlimited, overlander community for bikers and 4WDrivers. The forum is a must-read for almost any kind of overlanding experience.
  • CamperContact, probably the most accurate camping spot database of the web, you can also download the database and use it on your GPS navigator. You find everything you need on the website.
  • Park4night, it’s a mobile app and it’s fantastic. You need data credit and GPS on your device, very useful in Europe, I haven’t tried in Africa.
  • Maroc-campingcar, french speaking community with a lot of users and informations for travel in Morocco with a camping-car.
  • Kapp2Cape explorers, a must read blog about an amazing adventure, detailed informations about Malawi, Mauritania, Morocco, Botswana, Senegal, Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia…
  • OpenStreetMap, the most accurate open source map of the world.
  • MapFactor Navigator Free, free to download and use navigation software for Windows / Android that uses OpenStreetMap cartography. Very useful on a tablet.
  • Dangerous Roads, well some of them aren’t scary, but it worth a visit.

Morocco overland: 30 days in Morocco with our VW van.

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 14.22.26.png

Click on the map above to see the Wikiloc page and to download the GPS track

Our trip started on the 7th of December 2015 after the Syncro Raduno Formica Leone – Syncro 30 years anniversary event in Sestri Levante, Italy. (link to Facebook pictures album).



We arrived at Tangier Med port on the evening of the 9th of December, overnight in Ksar Sghir next to the fisherman port. For our first breakfast in Morocco the sun and the blue sky were there waiting for us, as they did every single morning of our trip!


Living inside a VW T3 campervan is pure fun, this has been our home for 30 days and 30 nights!

Our trip in details:

  • DETAILED STOPS LIST & GPS TRACKS, with distances between stops and useful info (please note this will take some time to actually be useful…)

    Click on the image to go to the stop list

  • PICTURES ALBUM, I take some pictures with a D90 Nikon

    Sunset in cedar forest

    Click on the image to go to the pictures gallery

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